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Features and Benefits for the Maxxon 300-SP:

 Feature:               Superior Craftsmanship

Benefit:                 All Maxxon Inflatables are hand-crafted with hand-glued seams – a much costlier and  time consuming manufacturing process.

 Feature:               Korean PVC Fabric

 Benefit:                 Unlike other manufacturers at a similar price point, CS-300 uses only Korean- Manufactured PVC (Not Chinese) possessing a much higher level of UV protection comprised of 32 oz, 1100 denier fabric.        

  • Outside Layer offers abrasive resistance, extreme condition resistance and chemical resistance. 
  • Inside High polyester fabric offers dimensional stability and tensile and tear strength.
  • One-inch overlapped seams using polyester glue and a cold-welding process designed to bend within the four layer construction.


Feature:               CS-300 Warranty

Benefit:                Hull fabric is covered by a full 5-year warranty against cracking porosity and rot. Hull seams are covered against delamination by a 5-year warranty.

Feature:               Complete Rub-Strake

Benefit:                 A blue rubbing strake surrounds the boat for protection against piers and other watercraft.


Feature:               Bow Anchor Line Roller Guide

Benefit:                 Guides anchor line and eliminate anchor line chafing against the hull fabric.


Feature:               Drop-Stitch Inflatable Air Floor

Benefit:                 Provides rigidity and support for standing and assists in the structural integrity of the craft.



 Feature:               Inflatable V-Hull

Benefit:                  Lowers fuel consumption and allows boat to go up on plane and provide directional assistance both under power and when rowing the sport boat.

 Feature:               Separate Internal Air Chambers

Benefit:                 Assists in keeping the boat afloat if a single chamber is punctured.


Feature:               Easy Carry Bow and Stern Handles

Benefit:                 Easy and Comfortable transport for two people.


 Feature:               Grasp Line

Benefit:                  Attached and color matched rescue grab line as well as additional carry line from the sides of the boat.


Feature:               Stowage/Storage System

Benefit:                 Boat and all components are secured within the custom fold storage bag for easy storage below deck or the trunk of the family car.


Feature:               Heavy –Duty Transom

Benefit:                Marine grade,  polyurethane, “Powder-Coated” transom with sturdy aluminum mounting plate  for popular 4-stroke, “short-shaft” motors.

 Feature:               Bow Towing Rings

Benefit                 Sturdy towing D-Rings on both port and starboard sides of the bow for bridal towing setup.


Feature:               Aluminum Seat Standard

Benefit:                Heavy duty aluminum seat instead of plywood on many other inflatable models.


Feature:               The Complete Package

Benefit:                Aluminum Oars, Breakdown Carry Case,  Easy-Go Bellows Foot Pump, Repair Kit and Owner’s Manual.   


Feature:               Valve Drain Plug

Benefit:                One-way valve drain of CS-300 allows water to escape inside of craft without coming in.


 Feature:               Drop Shipment Program

Benefit:                 Internet retailers can drop ship from the Maxxon Factory Distribution Center to the address of their customer’s choice.



Old Price: $995.00

Price: $695.00

You save: $300.00

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