Maxxon Inflatable Boats

Exciting life with Maxxon Pontoons Exciting life with Maxxon Pontoons

Maxxon Inflatable Boats

We are the sole manufacturer of Maxxon Inflatable Boats, as well as a host of other sporting goods products, to include: Fishing Rods and Reels and rod and gun cases. We are also proud to introduce to the market this year the Original Rod Sling and the Original Backup Anchor located in our accessories area of our website.



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  1. i recently bought a used 7’6″ Maxxon inflatable and it came with a bag for storing it. Please forward me instructions about how to fold the boat to fit in the bag.
    Thank you,
    Chris Frost
    PO Box 188
    Round Pond, Maine 04564
    (914) 552-3585

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