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The Heritage of Evergoing Products Group

George Chon - CEO of Evergoing Products Group
George Chon, our creative and imaginative CEO, started manufacturing inflatable boats from the Korean peninsula in 1970. Like many start-up endeavors, Young faced a myriad of challenges, particularly as the first manufacturer to use the highly serviceable and more affordable PVC material in crafting his dinghies and sport watercraft. George-Chon-CEOThe economic value of his boats propelled him into major OEM relationships with some of the largest marine companies in the world. Domestic consumerism discovered the value of Young’s boats and the working inflatable found its way from the role as a commercial service craft, to a family pleasure craft. The affordable and well-constructed boats quickly found favor with families seeking marine recreation and the chance to get on the water. The all-inclusive, quickly inflated and rugged boat in a bag is easily stowed in the holds of larger craft, or in the trunk of the family car. Young continued the development of his boat line and soon founded a larger, broader-based company called Duratech Korea. Founded in 1975, Duratech was the sole manufacturer and distributor of the Maxxon inflatable boat product line, which did, and still does consist of a full line recreational and commercial watercraft including, tenders, RIB’s, kayaks, pontoons and river rafts
Duratech - the beginning
Duratech, also an original equipment manufacturer, designed and developed a great variety of private label outdoor products including camping, fishing, hunting and outdoor apparel for large private venders, including some of the largest big box, mail order houses and online retailers, which continues today. With continued growth, Duratech was renamed Evergoing Products Group LLC in 2006 and further vision for the sporting goods markets spurred diversification into the golf industry. The Evergoing Products Group retained sole distributor responsibility for North America for ‘I’M Caddie’ the extremely popular and once again – affordable, GPS golf device. In addition, Evergoing Products retained distribution responsibilities for the remarkable ‘Zaigle’ infrared food preparation system. More than just sporting goods and outdoor product company, the Evergoing Products Group continues to focus on creating an affordable and fun, family opportunity to improve people’s lives each with each and every product we present. It was and remains Young Chon’s vision for his company.  
Creating Jobs
Creating Jobs in the USA Since the advent of Internet sales, Evergoing Products has been a successful trading company providing readily shipped, imported items to the E-Commerce marketplace. And while we continue to evolve and grow within this chain of distribution, creating jobs Evergoing Productgs Groupwe understand a broader and responsible opportunity to the vested, brick and mortar retailers and the families they employ within their communities. We are doing so by developing high margin, exclusively branded products and programs that meet their capital investments and fit their specific business models. And in old school fashion we are partnering with talented, regional sales professionals to engage in valued, relationship-based selling processes, conveying the attributes and advantages of our brick and mortar retail products.  
Ethical Sourcing - OEM
Ethical Sourcing Our principle manufacturing sources are located throughout Southeast Asia and primarily within the nations of South Korea and The People’s Republic of China. As unique and in some instances – as young as the competitive, global manufacturing arena is, it has long been the goal for Evergoing to engage in partnership with manufacturers possessing the highest employee and environmental standards. In as much, many of our partnerships have endured for years, as they too understand and have committed to the larger view of global responsibility. Ethical sourcing Evergoing Products GroupAcknowledging Our Opportunity & PrivilegeAs a privately-held, international trading company, Evergoing Products endeavor to embrace and demonstrate a broader role and perspective for the global community presents a unique and evolving opportunity. For the strongly branded and well identified global organizations, company size and assets grant privilege to engage and lead in all aspects of business responsibility. Gratefully, we all have the opportunity to view the missions and core values of our world’s greatest professional organizations – beyond the goods and services they are known for. The truly great firms lead in occupational wellness of their companies, a focus and due diligence to the environment, and philanthropic endeavors within their sphere of influence. Community Relative to the scope of our business, the Evergoing Products Group is driven by a small group of seasoned, multi-cultural and dedicated employees. Ownership invests every effort in the security, longevity of employment and well-being of each member of our staff. In turn, we find our company and team members passionate about organizations surrounding the arts, such as the Seattle Symphony, World Vision, Catholic Appeal Fund, Veterans of Foreign Wars, The Wounded Warrior Project, literacy, as well as local food banks and homeless and drug recovery ministries.
Corporate Office
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