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Evergoing Products Group is the home of Future Anglers, I’m Caddie, Maxxon Outfitters, Cardinal Inflatable Boats, as well as Maxxon Inflatable Boats.   These are our other company websites.   EVERGOING PRODUCTS GROUP can also help develop a line of quality products for both wholesale distributors and retail stores. A detailed product description or a sample is all that is needed to get started. Please contact us at for further information on developing an exclusive product line. 
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  1. My home course has reversed the course set-up. Hole #1 is now hole #10. How do I get my I.M caddy up dated to reflect the change?

    • Please email us with some of the information, like the name of golf course, name of the actual course (sometimes they can have different names of courses within) , state, city, and country. Then we will generally add it within days.

  2. Golfed at Alberni Golf course today
    Course design layout was changed some years ago buy I’m Caddie got really confused
    Can you rectify please
    Alberni GC is in Port Alberni on Vancouver Island in BC Canada

    • We will have that updated soon. please check here for the result. After it is updated, you will need to update your I’m Caddie with the new updated Golf course map file.
      It can be downloaded here .

  3. I currently own the I am caddie pro. My problem is this, the magnetic retainer clip fell off the caddie and disappeared. Fortunately the caddie itself dropped into a pocket on the golf bag or it too would have become lost. Is it possible to get another clipping device so I don’t have to carry the unit around in my pocket?

  4. Love my Imcaddy and use it a lot. Our course recently change the back and front 9s. Enumclaw golf course in Washington state.

    If you can get this changed, I would be most great fun.


  5. I purchased my i’mcaddie (IMC-TW model) about 1-1/2 years ago and love it – many of my friends and family have also purchased one. This past month it has not been fully charging (only 70%) and this past week will only last 8-9 holes and we play fairly fast.

    I tried changing the battery but when you take it apart it has a special foreign battery with 2 wires – Is it possible to purchase a new battery for it?

  6. First time I used my i’m Caddie and played at Streetsville Glen in Brampton Ontario Canada. It’s confused most of the time and was giving wrong distances. Can you guys check out this course and email me when you got a fix and where to update.

    Thank you,

  7. Help! I purchased the I’m Caddie Tour Portable Golf GPS from Costco in June of 2014 and the battery is not holding it’s charge……my last game I got in about 6 holes and it died. When I recharge it I have to reset by pressing the top button and the (-) button to reset. I contacted the Canadian rep and he suggested contacting you.

  8. I purchased my I’m caddy a little over a year ago. Earlier this year I left it on at home without realizing it. I have charged it completely but it isn’t working at all.. I hope you can help. thanks.

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